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Our Mission

Norfolk Telecoms Consulting Ltd provides professional services to its clients around how to set up and manage projects of all sizes. We also develop software applications designed to help our clients work more efficiently and effectively.

Our Story

A few words about us

Norfolk Telecoms Consulting Ltd was founded in August 2017 to provide project management services to the mobile telecoms industry. Over the last year the company, under the direction of Michael Bragg, has begun to develop a new suite of business applications to help companies work more effectively and to provide improved focus on their day to day business costs. Michael Bragg has over 40 years of experience working in Telecoms (Mobile & Fixed), and also leading large Infrastucture projects for Gas, Power, Water and Waste Water here in the UK and overseas. In addition he has also worked on Facilities Management Projects for several UK corporate clients. “Our new suite of applications being developed will provide our clients with cost effective solutions which will provide them with data to drive and change business behavoir to drive efficiency. Additionally, we design and building bespoke software solutions for our clients to further improve their business by helping them to drive business improvements.” Please contact us if you have an application that you would like created to help your business better achieve its objectives then please get in touch. Michael Bragg CEO

Our Technology Partner


Our Projects

We are currently developing a suite of new Software Applications that will help companies to succeed with their business objectives.
Our new My Smart Meeting application is the first in our suite of applications and provides clients with the ability to ensure that all of their meetings are planned, managed, analysed and reported using our new meeting automation process with all outcomes being followed up to ensure they are closed out. Our application does all of these and much much more.
Have you ever wondered just how much money your company is spending attending meetings each Week, Month or Year? Using our new application you can see how much each meeting will cost before its held and also the actual cost once its completed.
Each Meeting has agenda items which are defined and assigned to presenters with timed durations. Each agenda item can have one or more files attached for the item being discussed.
An overall meeting colour coded timers are displayed to show the meeting duration in addition to individual agenda item colour coded timers to allow the chairperson to manage each agenda item slot. Tasks and actions are assigned during the meeting and issued out when the meeting report is published.
Run all your business meetings effectively (with our time and cost KPI data) and know you are running your meetings against best practice.

Norfolk Telecoms Consulting Ltd,
The home of My Smart Applications.

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